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In this day and age, information systems have become critical for business continuity as well as for the economy as a whole. With this trend, so too has the importance of disaster recovery planning risen.

Disasters happen. Acts of nature, hardware failure, human error, rogue viruses, utility interruptions (electricity, telecommunications, ISP) can all lead to business downtime, loss of revenue, and even failure of businesses. Statistics reveal that 43% of companies that experience major data loss never reopen, 51% close within two years, and a mere 6% survive long term.

3C approaches disaster recovery from multiple fronts:

  • Preventative - we take measures to prevent data loss disasters such as antivirus solutions, firewalls, redundant systems, UPS’s, data backups, data replication, running on current and updated systems and applications, etc.
  • Detective - these involve measures to “detect” when systems are about to fail, redundancy is lost, backup has failed, or some service has failed.
  • Corrective - staff develop and test measures to recover from a data loss event. These may involve restoration of data, applications, services, etc.

Our solutions include:

  • Data backup and storage solutions
    • Local backups
    • Offsite backups
    • NAS / SANs
    • Data replication
    • Cloud backups
  • Security solutions
    • Antivirus solutions
    • Antispyware / Antimalware solutions
    • Anti-SPAM solutions
    • Firewalls / secure gateways
  • Redundant systemss
    • Redundant servers
    • Redundant storage
    • Redundant power systems
  • Hosted services
    • Hosted email
    • Web and web applications
    • Cloud / Virtualization
    • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

3C InfoCorp can develop and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to suit your needs. 3C approaches disaster recovery from multiple fronts. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation: + 281.647.3788

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