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More and more businesses, right now, are converting their existing sites for mobile platforms. This means potential clients and/or customers can easily navigate and browse your website. A responsive website will adapt itself to any mobile platform such as the Blackberry, the iPad, Kindle, netbook, iPhone and just about any mobile device. The days of creating 1 single site for each different platform is gone

Here is what happens; when a user accesses your website the layout of the website will adapt itself to the size of the browser. So, when someone accesses the website from a small device the images get bigger and so does the text. The layout of the site will change to fit accordingly. This means the user has a nice and inviting user experience.

Benefits of a Responsive Website

  • User friendly while on the “Go”
  • Readable content for the user
  • Attractive and inviting if designed right
  • Increase reach with mobile users
  • One size fits all
  • Functional
  • Improve brand perception
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