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Search Engine Optimization is considered an important element and benefit of proper website design. SEO is an ongoing process of steps and techniques that improve search engine results, competitive rankings, and search engine visibility.

  • Compliant website - Websites with less code and good code structure rank higher in the search engines than websites built using tables. 3C builds or rebuilds a solid platform with SEO in mind.
  • Keyword research & strategy - 3C will investigate, discover and extract the most suitable key-phrases per page related to your website, products or services.
  • Meta information creation - Keywords & key-phrases are inserted on the most important pages inside the title, description and keyword tags.
  • Copywriting - 3C generates well written copy that includes keywords and key-phrases or reworks and fine tunes existing content by implementing important keywords and key-phrases. Monthly content update are recommended to ensure effective results..
  • Sitemap creation - Search engines require an XML and HTML sitemap linking to all your web pages. Sitemaps create easy access to information about the website such as structure and architecture.
  • Link building - Considered the holy grail of SEO, 3C will generate solid links with good page ranking each month from business directories and related industry websites. Link building is the necessary juice that is needed to improve rankings
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