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Spam noun \’spam\
:unsolicited usually commercial e-mail sent to a large number of addresses (including YOURS!)

Non-existent international lotteries! Wealthy foreign prince needs your help to transfer funds! Miracle enhancement pills! Replica watches and jewelry! Mail order brides & grooms! Really!!

Are you receiving more spam than work e-mail? Is your spam out of control and ruining your productivity and your life in general? Let 3C InfoCorp provide you with practical anti-spam solutions that will let you regain control of your mailbox and your life. Whether you want to forget that you ever had a spam problem to begin with, or you want granular control over all incoming e-mail, whether you are hosting your own e-mail server internally within your organization or you outsource your e-mail externally through a third party provider, 3C can provide you with the right anti-spam solutions depending on your needs.

Our comprehensive solutions include industry leading vendors such as Barracuda and Symantec MessageLabs. Ever been blacklisted by spam solutions on the outside because of a virus outbreak or that link you clicked on against your better judgment?

3C's team of specialists can help you to secure your systems and get that blacklist removed.. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation: + 281.647.3788

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